Faces of Nelson County Project

IMG_2383A year ago, I began a project in my rural county in the Blue Ridge Mts.  After a life class failed to draw much interest, I thought a clothed model might be a better idea.  I thought it might also be a way to get to know the folks in these hills and hollows.  A show is planned in November to bring the subjects and their friends and families altogether. A Nelson County Convergence!
 Our little county consists of one traffic light and a mix of interesting people.  There are the ones who have lived here for generations.  Then those who came here to help in the aftermath of 1970s Hurricane Camille.  They came to help and stayed.  And, of course,  the artists and musicians who came for the beauty and blue grass music.  Retired military , FBI and CIA have found this little valley to be a little piece of Heaven.   We stumbled on this place when looking for a place to retire after 20 years in Minnesota.  Florida was not for us.  And Heaven it is.
Above is the latest portrait (to be finished and posted soon).  Linda owns a massage and nail salon called Heavenly Hands, named for her deep faith in God.  She also has wonderful exercise and water aerobics classes which are fun and popular.
For more of the Nelson county faces look click on “Drawings” under the menu.


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